EBA Newsletter č. 84

Prinášame Vám 84. EBA Newsletter. Originál newsletteru je dostupný na stránke EBA.

Message from the Chairman – Reg Bolton

I am aware that this newsletter contains a largeamount of information therefore I will be brief. The report from the EGM is included so I will makeno comment at this stage, any I have I reserve for the meetings in Vilnius. However I would urge you all to read with care the article I consider oneof the best I have ever seen for inclusion in our newsletter. Take on board what is written and act on it.

It is the article from Switzerland. Thank you Chris for these words I concur with these sentiments entirely. What is pleasing is theresponse from some delegates. Now it is for delegates to ensure they distributeit to their members. Surely it is very easy to forward it on electronically to members. I have done a little research and results suggest that many delegates do not forward it on to their individual clubs, societies and members. May I remind delegates that it is part of their responsibility to do this. You may remember that in the distant past Newsletters were hard copy printed items. But due to the cost of production and postal distribution, with a limited number of copies sent to each member country, the change to electronic publication was made. Hopefully this would ensure a much better circulation of information to members Whilst I am aware that Newsletters are posted on the EBA website I do not consider it reasonableto assume everyone has access to it. At least delegates should inform their members each time a new NL is produced. In view of the various comments/criticisms of Newsletter production over the past month – my intention is to vigorously pursueall means possibleof getting it to all members. The format will continue to be as with this edition. So please send your articles concerning past events, events to come and any other bonsai related news of interest you may have – to the Secretary and web-master.


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Vil nius Convention 2015 34

News from Austria 2

In Austria our bonsai-year of 2014 ended with the board meeting of the Austrian Bonsai Association in November. There were some local bonsai workshops as well as participation in bonsai events organized by our friends in the neighbouring countries.

At the beginning of 2015 members of ABA attended the Miyabi Bonsai Ten Exhibition at the Villa Foscarini Cornara near Treviso in Italy and participated in the International Bonsai Demonstration which was held there.

In March the ABA-AGM was held in Salzburg. The Members discussed the activities planned for the year 2015 and some intentions for projects by the Board. A decision was made by the ABA members that the club of Carinthia would participate as Austrian delegation for the 30th International-Arco-Trophy- Contest. Kurt Jaritz and Klaus Kulterer will act as demonstrators and will create a tokonoma at the exhibition.

2015 there will be two international exhibitions in Austria:

  • 6th -7th June the BC Salzburg will host at Hallein near the well known city of Salzburg its traditional exhibition “International Bonsai and Kusamono Festival” at the Old Salt Store located on the Pernerinsel. Special sections of the exhibition will show shohin and kusamono. There will also be a very interesting supporting programme. www.bonsaisalzburg.net
  • 21st-22nd September the Austrian Bonsai Friends in Carinthia will organize the

‘7th International Alpen Adria Bonsai Exhibition (IAABA)’. The organizers expect guests

from Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Italy to exhibit their bonsai, suiseki and kusamono. www.bonsai-kaernten.at

In 2014 ABA established special working groups for kusamono and shohin. The coordinator of the kusamono group Fritz Baier will lead a workshop at the Bonsai Museum in Seeboden in June. Within Austria the interest in this kind of workshop is permanently increasing. In addition some local exhibitions will be organised by different regional Austrian Bonsai Clubs which should fascinate the public in these regions on the wonderful art of bonsai.

ABA will also participate in the EBA Convention in Vilnius (Lithuania) with some exhibits. The participation of a member from the Austrian Clubs in the NTC is not definite but the ABA Board will try to find a right candidate for the competition.

Bonsai events in Burghausen (Germany), Nitra (Slovakia) and Sopron (Hungary) will be attended by Austrian bonsai enthusiasts in the coming months to maintain and to deepen the existing good contacts.

Detlef Mostler (ABA President) March 2015

News from Belgium 4

Bonsai in Belgium

  1. A little history – The first bonsai activities in Belgium can be traced back to 1930. A trader in the region of Ghent, imported Bonsai from Japan. After WW II anothertraderstarted bonsai imports, in large amounts, from Japan and other locations in the Far East. Club activities started in 1975. A cooperation between some bonsai lovers from Flanders and the Dutch Bonsai association (founded 1972). In 1977 the ‘Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging’ started in Flanders and in the early eighties some independent clubs were founded in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. The first bonsai federation started in 1985.
  2. Actual situation –
    1. Federation ornational organisation The ‘Federation of Belgian Bonsai Clubs’, FBBC, has 15 associations and bonsai schools as members. All togetherthey represent 1200 to 1500 individual bonsai people. Seven small clubs are not affiliated with FBBC.
    2. Flanders – The ‘Vlaamse Bonsaivereniging’,VBV, is agroup of seven local clubs. It’s a joint venture in which the local clubs keep a lot of autonomy. Common interests, like publicity, publication of amagazine, education of judges and organising advanced courses are delegated to the VBV. Besides the VBV, Flanders has one more national club, BAB, the organiserof the Noelanders Trophy. Beyond that some small and local bonsai clubs work independently. Two of these clubs are closely related to abonsai trader.
    3. Wallonia – There are seven local clubs and one bonsai school, all independent from each other. One of these clubs is related to a trader, anotherto a bonsai professional.
    4. Brussels – Two small clubs offeractivities. They are bilingual.
    5. International and national events
      1. Noelanders Trophy – One of the most important bonsai events in Europe; it is organised every yearin January or February.
      2. FBBC show – Every two years organised in Overijse and wants to show the best Belgian trees.
      3. VBV general meetings – These can be expositions ordemonstrations organised as a joint venture of seven Flemish clubs.
      4. Bonsai show Enghien – This happens every two years and is an Expo, with some demonstrations and a lot of traders (also some from France).
      5. Two traders (import) organise abonsai show in May. They both focus on Satsuki, but a lot of other species are in the show.
    6.  Magazines
      1. No commercial magazines are published in Belgium.
      2. Almost one third of the clubs have a modest magazine with less than 50 copies an issue. Some have a digital newsletter.
      3. The VBV produces a full colourmagazine (340 copies, 4 issues ayear) since 1977.
    7.  Traders
      1. Four important importers (Japan, The Far East). One imports only the cheap mass product and pots from China.
      2. A lot of retailers providebonsai peoplewith trees, tools and otherbonsai related products.

Information on the Belgian federation and its members: https://sites.google.com/site/federationofbelgianbonsaiclubs/

The pages of the members clubs give access to theirhomepage.

Noelanders Exhibition – Trophy 2015, Genk, Belgium

News from Denmark 6

At the moment we are working on our year meeting in Denmark.

I hope that the picture says everything about the upcoming year meeting in Aalborg Denmark….

As main demonstrator we will have Antony Payeres from Spain

More will follow after the year meeting…

There will be more info in the coming month here: https://bonsaidanmark.wordpress.com/arsmode-bonsai-festival/arsmode-2015/

Tommy Nielsen Denmark

News from France 7

Programme du Congrès Bonsaï FFB du 23 et 24 Mai 2015 à ALBI

Vendredi 22 mai de 17h00 à 22h00

  • Accueil des congressistes exposant des arbres
  • Accueil des professionnels Samedi 23 mai 2015 de 9h00 à 18 h00
  • 8h00 accueil des congressistes et des professionnels
  • 10h00 ouverture au publicavec 98 bonsaï en exposition et un marché de professionnels
  • 10h15 – 18h00 : Atelierlibre (N3 animateur), 12 participants maximum.
  • 10h15 – 11h15 : « Découverte du bonsaï» par Raymond Claerr
  • 11h00 vernissage du congrès
  • 12h00 possibilitéde restauration surplace (surréservation)
  • 14h00 – 17h00 : concours des nouveaux talents
  • 14h00 -18h00 : Démonstration Francisco Ferreira N3 de la FFB
  • 15h00 – 16h30 : « Les racines des plantes, application aux bonsaï» par Bruno Simon
  • 18h00 fermeture de l’exposition au public
  • 20h00 Repas de gala

Dimanche 24 mai 2015 de 9h00 à 18 h00

  • 9h00 visite commentéede l’expo animée parles N3 de la FFB
  • 9h30 : Assemblée Générale de la FFB
  • 10 h00 – 18h00 Atelier: « le bois mort » animé par N3 de la FFB
  • 10h00 possibilitéd’une visite guidée de la cité épiscopale d’Albi animée par un membre du Bonsaï Club de l’Albigeois (inscription préalablele samedi à la salle d’exposition)
  • 10h30 – 12h00 : Exposé sur le Frêne par Fredy Filiot
  • 14h00 – 18h00 : Démonstration : Gilles Vuillaume forum debat
  • 18h00 fermeture du Congrès

Tout au long de l’expo, des visites guidées par des N3 de la Fédération

Note : Ce programme est communiqué sous réserve de changements de dernièreminute.

Pourtoute information s’adresserà Jean-Marie COUDERC au 06 71 91 90 66 ou 05 63 45 16 12

News from Germany 8

Yearly training for BCD working group leaders.

The Bonsai Club Germany (BCD) offers for his working group leaders yearly a 2-day training program of bonsai techniques sponsored by the BCD to grow up their knowledge.

The goal of this training is to give the working group leaders more experience in different topics around bonsai to use this experience for the trainings at home together with their local working groups.

The training program is now 5 years old and is still working. There are 2 training weekends each year. One in the north the other one in the south of Germany. Teacher is Hartmut Münchenbach one of the best Bonsai teacher and artist we have in Germany.

2015 the topic was “Shohin”.

The contents of the training were:

  • What is a “Shohin”?
  • How to come to a “Shohin”?
  • Fostering of “Shohin”
  • Presentation of “Shohin”

The training includes a theoretical as also a practical part during the weekend. This year we have north and south in summary 60 working group leaders together on both weekends. All participants have a lot of fun during these days together and went home with a lot of new ideas and experience got from Hartmut Münchenbach to optimize there work with their local working groups and on their trees.

The training program will continue next year with the topic: Blooming and fructiferous Bonsai.

Jürgen Carocci

News from Hungary 11

The Hungarian Bonsai Association organised this independent spring exhibition at the Construma Garden Expo, in the 34th International Building Trade Exhibition. The exhibition was organised by the newly elected board in January with its own installation, which was a novelty from the previous years; 30 meters of exhibition area, presenting 25 exhibition units was a great success!

During the 5 day exhibition the New Talent Contest also took place. This year’s competition was the largest entry to the contest; five enthusiastic participants, Károly Deutsch, Botond Gaál, Olvér Néder, Gergő Schmidt, Marton Sibelka took part. The raw material was obtained from the Oasis garden centre, thank you to them! The participants had 4 hours, likethe EBA rules, to create a promising bonsai from the nursery juniper material. Gergő Schmidt won the competition this year, so he has the opportunity to participatein Vilnius, in the EBA NTC. Károly Deutsch took second place, third placewas Olivér Néder. Congratulations to everyone.

Overall, we closed a successful exhibition; the organisers haveagreed that next year we shall haveanother exhibition. The preparations shall begin in September this year. The organisers havegained useful lessons, and the improvements will betaken into account in the next EBA exhibition in Székesfehérvár, Hungary next year.

Preparing the exhibition Olea europea

New Talent Contest

1st prize – Gergely Schmidt 2nd prize – Károly Deutsch

3rd prize – Olvér Néder Work of Botond Gaál, the youngest participant

Work of Márton Sibelka Left – Gergely Schmidt, winner of the NTC,

right – Attila Baumann, president of the Hungarian Bonsai Association

The participants – from left – Olivér Néder, Márton Sibelka, Botond Gaál, Károly Deutsch, Gergely Schmidt

Some pictures after the NTC, a short discussing about the result, tree critic.

Péter Deák – juror

Richárd Czégel – juror

News from Lithuania 15

Vilnius has already started to prepare for EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festival, which will be held in Vilnius from 4 Septemberto 6 September 2015. Official on-lineregistration has already opened. Pleasevisit ourwebsite www.bonsailithuania.com to get all the details related to the Convention.

We introduce ourhonourable guests:

Salvatore Liporace, Italy Christian Przybylski, Germany Seok Ju Kim, South Korea

CONVENTION VENUE- Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre LITEXPO – the largest exhibition and convention centre in the Baltic States by the numberof events it organizes and the income index, as well as by the exposition areasupplied with up-to-date equipment.

At the same date of EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festivalanotherbig event will take place in Vilnius – Vilnius City Fiesta (4 September to 6 September 2015). We advise you to make your registration and hotel booking at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment when all hotels in Vilnius will be fully booked.

VILNIUS CITY FIESTA is the biggest and most spectacularfestival of Vilnius with hundreds of events, great artists, high level performances, exhibitions,actions dedicated to all citizens and city guests.

More information www.vilniusfestivals.lt/EN/about-the-festival-2/

News from Slovakia 16

The biggest internationalbonsai exhibition in Slovakia- Bonsai Slovakia – took place in Nitrastarting from 16 April until 19 April. This was the 18th time people could enjoy bonsaiand teafestival.

International festival BONSAI SLOVAKIA is organised, led and moderated by Alenka and Vladimir Ondejcik – 1st professional bonsai centre in Slovakia TEA HOUSEOF GOOD PEOPLE.

Numerous well known people in bonsai world and representatives of the Embassies of Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia took part. Many bonsai trees and suiseki from Slovakiaand foreign countries were exhibited. Traditionally, people could enjoy presentations of the Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy, Indonesian dance, Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, Aikido, sushi show, Japanese and Vietnamese drum show, samurai katana show and many more.

Program consisted of:

  • Landscape creation and bonsai workshop with Japanese master Masashi Hirao
  • Bonsai demonstration of groups of international lectors
    • Japan – Masashi Hirao
    • Puerto Rico – Pedro Morales, Joel Morales, Yamil Collazo
    • Italy – Mirco Ortenzi
    • Hungary – Gyorgy Rácz
    • Poland – Marek Gajda, Jacek & Marta Pietakiewicz
    • Austria – Rudolf Mayer
    • Slovakia – Alenkaa Vlado Ondejčík
  • Bonsai workshop forkids

For more information please visit website:

http://www.e-bonsai.eu/international-fest ival/bonsa i-2015

News from Spain 18

Spanish Bonsai is alive and kicking

News from Sweden 21

In the north of Sweden there have been someexhibitions:

Annaand Anna at the Nolia Garden fair in Umea, we meet people with green fingers! They love to see the bonsai and also curious about how we keep them so small.

We are making Shohin bonsai from small myrtle pot plants.

At the open door ‘Cultural festival’, we show bonsai, others do the ‘Lion dance’ or dress up in a kimono.

On a snowy day, 25 May 2014, we went to a stony place and collected Yamadori trees.

These are images from the annual Garden fair in Stockholm March 2015.

Bonsai Exhibition from Swedish Bonsai Association.

We are now starting the Yamadori season in most of Sweden although mountain areas are still covered by snow.

News from Switzerland 23

Personal Statement to the Board and the participants of the Meeting in Belgium.

As I read all this criticism by some of the delegates, first I am not sure if this is really the opinion of their own Board and their Members. Anyway it isn’t really important.

For my opinion it is too much, really too much. What exactly are the reasons behind it? I cannot imagine. I personally feel confident with our Board; they do what is needed no less and no more. It is enough.

I appreciate the work that they do voluntarily. Thanks Reg and Detlef for the great work you have done because of it.

What is EBA, what concerns EBA? Is it Business? NO. Is it Politics? NO. Is it a test of strength? NO. Is it a competition? NO. Concerns maybe to stand out in person, due to lack of challenges and experiences of success in private life? Shouldn’t be. It is nothing other than a community of Bonsai lovers, Bonsai friends and Bonsai enthusiasts. It is an Passion, it is a hobby for most of us, in which we want to share our peaceful times, we want discuss, laugh, sometimes make jokes, tell each other funny anecdotes, etc.

Bonsai is the inner peace that promotes satisfaction; bonsai is to distract us from everyday stress, and to provide compensation.

We should invest our energy in these issues instead of stupid criticism of our volunteer members and our board. We would better to concentrate our strengths as delegates, for example, to work on a fair and basic knowledge for New Talent contest judgment, to promote the goal of our youth in this way.

We all should be role models of our function as delegates, Presidents, Board Members. This would be worthwhile for each Member to drive 16 hours to Belgium for an extra EGM.

Please think about this small statement, remember perhaps the thoughts/idea of Bonsai and stay decent, courteous and friendly to each other your satisfaction with your passion.

These words are spoken/written from somebody who knows about grudge, hate, envy in the world of bonsai friends. It makes no sense; it is a hindrance and inhibits development, for nobody involved is it useful.

Chris Mathys

President and Delegate of Bonsai Association of Switzerland

News from United Kingdom

Shohin UKII Exhibition 2015

The Shohin UKII Exhibition 2015 organised by Mark & Ritta Cooper, was a resounding success again, building on the success of the first Shohin UK Exhibition held in 2013. It was clearly apparent that the standard of the smaller sizes of bonsai had again made a huge leap forward since the last Shohin UK event two years ago. Not only had the quality of the bonsai improved dramatically, but also the standard of display too.

Shohin UKII attracted nearly 200 attendees from all over the UK, and from as far afield as Paris. The visitors enjoyed viewing and purchasing the wares from ten traders, all offering them an excellent choice of trees, pots and other shohin bonsai items.

The stars of the show were of course the bonsai. A total of eighty trees were exhibited, creating twenty six inspirational displays, many of which would not been out of place at any of the top bonsai exhibitions in Europe.

Judging at bonsai shows is often a contentious issue, and Shohin UKII utilised an innovative system not used in the UK before. The aim was to create a totally transparent and fair judging system. The new judging system worked very well and hopefully more shows will adopt this system.

Report of the EGM 29





The EBA President welcomed all delegates and participants and asked them to write theirnames on the attendance lists, one forthe delegates and one forthe participants. Voting-cards were issued, one per membercountry attending the EGM.

Marc Noelanders welcomed the participants as representativeof the hosting organisation.

Reg Bolton opened the meeting with arequest fordiscussion on the proposals from Poland, Denmark and Belgium. Poland and Denmark had changed theiroriginal proposals to the current ones more recently circulated to all delegates. See theiremails to delegates.

A short discussion regarding the statutes and the internal rules of the EBA followed. The delegates requested the publication of the internal rules on the EBA web site. The last-valid rules to be sent by the board on to the webmaster. (This has now been done and the rules are published as requested) Each membercountry can now download acopy of the internal rules, which came into force a long time ago.

The second proposal of Poland, which was emailed to all members, was presented by the polish delegate Tomasz Sobczak. Its detail was explained by him.

The EBA Board proposed an amendment to the Polish proposal as they considered that in view of the financial nature of the proposal, it should be postponed until the RTMin Vilnius. This would allow time for the EBA Treasurerto examine in detailthe financial implications for EBA if accepted as proposed and for him to prepare a report for discussion by all delegates. Also as all membercountries will not have had sufficient time to considerthe proposal, timemust be given forthis to take place.

The board’s proposal was fully discussed and accepted by the meeting.. The treasurerwillexaminethe suggestion of how, forfuture Conventions, the event of the EBA NTC can or, maybe given financial support. He will create rules, (abusiness plan) to guarantee that any financial support agreed and provided by EBA, is correctly used.

Therefore the Polish proposal and any amending proposals from members will be discussed in the first instance at RTM in Vilnius. Any RTM decision orproposal will then be decided on at the subsequent AGM.

The delegates agreed unanimously to the board’s amendment

The proposal of Denmark, which was circulated by them in an email to all members, was presented by the Danish delegate Tommy Nielsen and explained by him.

It is now about the question as to whether, cooperation/agreement within the board is guaranteed. In this case Denmark will give up the discussion of the furtherpoints (II and III) of the proposal.

Aftera short discussion with the delegates the board assured of it’s will to work together, which in the opinion of the board members they had given in the past. The Danish delegate withdrew his proposal as unnecessary afterthe Board gave assurance they can and do work togetherforthe good of EBA.

During this debate and the voting procedure on individualquestions, discussion took place on the problem of the low numberof replies relativeto inquires/questions asked and suggestions made by the Board. The opinion of the meeting was that the delegates must also fulfil theirtask in replying to such requests.

The proposal of Belgium, – “The Belgian View” circulated to all members by Belgium was presented by the Belgian delegate Marc De Beule and explained by him. Afteradebate, and exchange of views and opinions of the delegates and board members, the proposal of setting up a Working Group (WG) was accepted by the board and the delegates. Marc De Beule was given amandate for the coordination of the Working Group (WG) by the delegates and the board. He is to be responsible forthe continuous communication with the board concerning the groups’ discussions/decisions details and results.

All membercountries interested in the WGshould send theirwillingness fortheirparticipation viaemail to Marc De Beule.

The President Reg Bolton made aproposal of his own to the meeting. It was, “A proposal of No Confidence in the President” in the way he conducted his leadership of the EBA. Aftermaking his proposal he left the meeting to allow fordiscussion without his presence. He handed overthe chairmanship of the meeting to the First Vice President Vaclav Novak. Without aformal decision the delegates expressed theiropinion that there is no reason to doubt the correct leadership of the president.

Reg Bolton presented the delegates and the board members asuggestion to give the winners of the NTC and the participants in the NTC a type of trophy instead of the until now usual certificates and small memory-gifts. He will provide amore detailed proposal with suggested exampleof the trophies under consideration.

Before the NTC in Vilnius anothersuggestion of the board concerning the evaluation of the candidates work will be circulated fora written vote.

Afterthe judging of the trees any marks from a national judge which are awarded to his own candidate will be eliminated on his evaluation sheet. The results of the evaluation of the winners (first, second, third) can be asked for from the president afterthe competition. A disclosure of the results of the other candidates is not planned.

At 12:25 the president closed the meeting with thanks forthe open discussions and with the request for a farthercommon work forthe goals of the EBA.

Reg Bolton (EBA President) Detlef Mostler (EBA Secretary) Klagenfurt 16 03 2015

ZVR 565524462 Europäische Bonsai Assoziation „EBA“



Delegate List


News from the Secretary


Klagenfurt, April 2015

At the extraordinary generalmeeting (EGM) of the EBA in Genk (Belgium), important decisions were made to guarantee a positive furtherdevelopment of the EBA. The questions brought up by some delegates could be clarified and with the foundation of the working group (WG) all EBA Members should have the possibility to work out suitable suggestions foraway to further EBA into the future. The results of the WG will be submitted by the Board with corresponding appraisals to the members beforethe meetings on the occasion of the EBA Convention in Vilnius forfurtherdiscussions and decisions at the meetings. I hope that the bonsai ideawithin the European countries willbe cultivated continuously and be extended in the sense of the wishes of the great numberof bonsai enthusiasts all over Europe with the help of the results of the WG.

A special challenge fornational and internationalroof-organisations in the non-profit field in the future will be to find suitable people forthe board-functions, who are willing to take overthe work and the responsibility forthe leadership of the organisation without payment. Today there is a multiplicity of organisations in difficulties, underspecial circumstances they must be dissolved because of the problem that they are unable to find members who willoffer themselves foraduty within the Board. This means, that it will be necessary to think within the EBA how to support EBA Member Countries to secure their existence and survival. I think it will be necessary to increase the image of the gratis work of club-officials and to try to show the members of the national bonsai clubs that to take overa function within the Board of a bonsai club or association could be awonderful task.

The EBA Convention 2015 in Vilnius will be an extraordinary bonsai event this year. The organisers are doing theirbest to offerthe visitors awonderful show. On the website http://www.bonsailithuania.com the most important information for the visitors, exhibitors and traders are published.

In the NL 85, which will be produced shortly before the Convention, the invitations to the general meetings and the latest information about the convention will be published. In this issue also the necessary datafor the meetings and the EBA New Talent Contest (NTC) will be requested. The Newsletter 85 is scheduled for August 2015. The deadlineforarticles willbe the 1 August!

Although many participants and visitors from the south and west of Europe have to travel quite a distance to the location of the convention, I still think that a high numberwill come to the EBA Convention and will admire the exhibits of the EBA members. Vilnius as city and Lithuaniaas country are well worth avisit. The organisers of the Convention, underthe leadership of Kestutis Ptakauskas, endeavourto introduce on theirwebsitethe beauty, the characterand the sights of Lithuaniato the members of EBA.

Beside the suggestions which the Working Group will present I am convinced that there are some old ideas we should discuss again like the EBA Club Twinning orthe support of recurrent international bonsai events, which bring togetherbonsai friends from three ormore EBA Member Countries, like the Bonsai Triennale orthe International Alpen Adria Bonsai Exhibition. I think it is important that our view should focus also on these regional meetings which could be aright instrument forthe development of stronger feeling of solidarity between the Membership of EBA.

Detlef Mostler(EBA Secretary)

News from the Treasurer

EBA Bank Account

Jürgen Carocci

European Bonsai Association (EBA) Volksbank Kurpfalz H+GBank eG, Germany Account no: 79760005

BLZ (bank rooting no): 67290100 Ref.: EBA membership fee 2015

If you transfer Euros please use the IBAN and BIC codes IBAN = DE 83672901000079760005


The membership fee is

172 Euro, if paid to the EBA account until January 31, 2015 190 Euro, if paid to the EBA account until February 28, 2015 218 Euro, if paid to the EBA account after February 28, 2015

Please make sure to include all transfercosts.

Members from non-Euro-countries may pay the fee of 172 Euro, cash at the next EBA Convention in Lithuania.

Please send me ashort message until end of January 2015 if you want to pay in this way.

If you have any kind of question pleasedo not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to seeing you in Vilnius.

Thank you for yourcooperation. Jürgen Carocci

Vilnius Convention 2015 34

EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festival 09/04/2015 – 09/06/2015

Dear Members of European Bonsai Association

Let me congratulate you on the spring coming in!!! I am happy to announce that online Exhibitor registration for Commercial area during EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festival 2015 is open from 9 March. Do not hesitate to visit our official

website www.bonsailithuania.com and start your registration.

Kestutis Ptakauskas

Lithuanian Bonsai Association president

Head representative of the organizing committee

of the EBA & ESA Convention and IV Japanese Culture Festival, 2015


We would also like to briefly introduce our famous performers

KEIKO BORJESON – jazz vocalist, pianist, composer

Keiko Borjeson plays elegant swing-flavoured jazz with a distinct bebop influence. The well-known jazz pianist Hank Jones called her“one of the most innovative pianists I have known and listened to in years … ”. This year Keiko Borjeson will give performance togetherwith one of the most popular Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas.

ANDRIUS MAMONTOVAS – rock musician, songwriter

Andrius Mamontovas is a rock musician, songwriter, actor, performerand record producer. He was one of the co-founders of the Lithuanian rock band Foje in 1983. From 1983 until 1997 the band released 14 successful albums and won every possible musicaward along with the national acclaim. He is also one of the masterminds of the LT United project forthe Eurovision song competition in 2006.

  1. AUN & HIDE super trio AUN & HIDE trio features talented world-class Japanese musicians who have developed an original fusion musicof traditional Japanesemusic sounds and contemporary beat. AUN is a virtuoso duo of twin brothers Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue, who play Japanese drums taiko, zitra shamisen and flute fue. HIDE – Hideyuki Saito, is a taiko and chappa(Japanese cymbals) musician.


GETA DANCE is a new style of performing art, contemporary Japanese performance, created by Miyuki Matsunaga. It blends elements of Japanese traditional dance, modern dance, and vocals with live art painting and acting techniques, to make a performing art style that expresses powerful emotions and also produces show- stopping theaterpieces.


3 September 2015, Thursday

10:00 – 18:00 – Registration

DAY I – 4 September 2015, Friday

Opening hours 10:00 – 20:00

10:00 Opening

12:00 – 13:00 Ikebana Demo Show

14:00 – 15:00 Aikido-Kendo-Iaido Show

15:00 – 16:00 Kimono Demo Show

16:00 – 18:00 Historical Styles of Japanese Gardens

18:00 – 20:00 Exhibition official opening ceremonywith Dancer Miyuki Matsunaga

20:00 – 21:00 Exhibition opening concert with famous jazz artists Keiko Borjeson McNamaraand of the most popularmusician in Lithuania Andrius Mamontovas

DAY II – 5 September 2015, Saturday

Opening hours 10:00 – 20:00

10:00 – 14:00 New Talent Contest

10:30 – 11:30 Teaceremony. Haiku poetry 12:00 – 14:00 Kimono Demo Show

14:00 – 18:00 Demo Show Salvatore Liporace, Italy, Sae Won Kim ir Seok Ju Kim South Korea, Christian Przybylski, Germany

15:00 – 16:00 Suiseki Demo Show Chiara Padrini

19:00 – 20:00 Supertrio „AUN & HIDE“ and Dancer Miyuki Matsunaga 21:00 – 23:00 Gala Dinnerwith Keiko Borjeson McNamara. Awards Time

DAY III 6 September 2015, Sunday

Opening hours 10:00 – 18:00

10:30 – 11:30 Teaceremony. Haiku poetry 11:00 – 17:00 EBA member Demo Show 12:00 – 14:00 Kimono Demo Show

15:00 – 16:00 Suiseki Demo Show Igor Barta

17:00 – 18:00 Aurelijus Zykas book’s about Japan presentation

18:00 – 19:00 Supertrio „AUN & HIDE“ and Dancer Miyuki Matsunaga